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Eventos: Recycle Brazil Moviment 
EventosIn this century, there has been a great preoccupation with environment, life quality and social welfare; it affects people from all social strata. Moreover, knowing the importance of reusing natural resources, the SINDIMOTOR (Syndicate of Remanufacturing, Reconditioning and/or Reconditioned Engines and its Adjuncts and Peripherals in São Paulo State), struggle to create the Movement Recycle Brazil, specific to the segment of automotive maintenance...

The commitment to recycling and social welfare needs to be faced by the companies and automotive industries as part of the business because the market of users that looks for replacement, technical assistance, quality maintenance, low prices and environmental ethics has increased and strengthened; increasing the revenue of companies that offer products and services in this sector.

Owing to this fact, SINDIMOTOR presents this project, aiming at obtaining support from this entity to the Recycle Brazil Movement. The purpose is to acquire ideas and guidelines to the practice of actions focussed on sustainable development and expansion of businesses in our segment.


Discuss and develop actions to:

Increase and preserve the credibility of reestablished and remanufactured products, and equipments to reconditioning.
Strengthen the manufacturers brand, middlemen and service providers in this segment.
Generate an economy of recourse to validate the importance of automotive recycling as an economical alternative that benefits all population, preserves the environment and generates jobs. Create new production technology to machinery compatible with the environment and the implementation of the company identification certificate and maximum quality assurance to the machinery that keep the demanded conformity standard Supervise products that are not useful, ethic and do not minimize industrial residues.
Improve life quality, preseving the future of human race and reducing the damaging impacts in the environment.
Sensitize, raise conscience and involve people.
Lengthen automotive machinery lifespan. Create a periodical with information about the sector to companies and end users.

BUSINESS COMMITMENT Below, it is presented some companies which have assumed a pledge with society and are looking for sustainable development. They already have their manufactured or reconditioned lines of products to the automotive sector.




Formation of five working groups to elaborate five specific documents about the remanufactoring and reconditioning sector that will form the Brazilian Reman-Recon Program. These documents will be discussed in the Mega Seminar “Recycle Brazil Movement” in July 2005, with the presence of the press. Each working group will be formed by experts and will be in charge of specific themes described below.


Working Group 1
“Market Measurement and Identification of Remanufacturing and Reconditioning of Automotive Components and Machinery Manufacturers, Tools, Equipments and Raw Materials to this sector production.”

Working Group 2
“Qualification and Certification of Reconditioned and Remanufactured products in the country.”

Working Group 3
“Incentive for New Technology application in the remanufacturing and reconditioning sector of Automotive Components.”

Working Group 4
“Expansion of Business in Domestic Market.”

Working Group 5
“Expansion of Remanufactured and Reconditioned Machinery and Components”.


Governamental entities: Federal Ambit
- Ministry of Finance
- Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MRE
- Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism
- (Apex Agecy of Promotion e Exportation of Brazil).
- Ministry of Science and Technology
- Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and the Legal Amazon Region
- Ministry of Mines and Energy
- Ministry of Transport
- Ministry of Health
- Ministry of Justice
- Ministry of Denatran Cities.
- Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply.

Governamental entities: State Ambit

- State Secretary of Transport
- State Secretary of Environment
- State Secretary of Healthy
- State Secretary of Science and Technology
- State Secretary of Comunication
- State Secretary of Social Security
- State Secretay of Labor
- State Secretary of Finance

Governamental entities: Municipal Ambit
· Municipal Secretary of Transport – CET / SPTrans
· Municipal Secretary of Environment
· Municipal Secretary of Comunication
· Municipal Secretary of Management
· Municipal Secretary of Health
· Municipal Secretary of Foreign Affairs
· Municipal Secretary of Labor

Business and Oraganizational Ambit
- Caixa Econômica Estadual.
- Caixa Econômica Federal.
- Bank of Brazil
- Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES
- SEBRAE Support Service to Small and Medium Companies
- FAPESP The State of São Paulo Research Foundation
- FINEP Research and Projects Financing
- FUNDEP Foundation of Research Development
- PAEP Research of Paulista Economic Activity
- PRINTEC Research of Technological Innovation
- PROEP Program of Expansion of Professional Education
- SEADE Fundação Sistema Estadual de Análise de Dados.
- Petrobrás.
- ABAL Brazilian Aluminium Association.
- ABGNV Brazilian Association of Natural Gas for Vehicles
- ABLA Brazilian Association of Vehicles Rental
- ABR Association of Recapers, Rebuilders and Reshapers
- ABRAME Brazilian Association of Agricultural Mechanization
- ABTC Brazilian Association of Cargo Carriers
- DETAXI Association of Taxi Companies of São Paulo City
- ANDAP Brazilian Association of Auto Components Distributors
- ANFIR Brazilian Association of Manufactorers of Highway Implements
- ANRAP Association of Auto Components Remanufacturers
- ANTV National Association of Vehicles Carriers
- ANTP National Association of Public Transportation
- APAREM Paulista Association of Reconditioned Engines
- FENTEC National Federation of Industrial Technicians
- ANTC National Association of Cargo Transportation
- SENAI National Service for Industrial apprenticeship
- SETCESP Syndicate of Cargo Carrier Companies - SP
- SINCOPEÇAS Syndicate of Retail Commerce of Auto Components and Accessories
- SINDIFUPI Syndicate of Tinsmith’s and Painting Factories of São Paulo State
- SINDIÔNIBUS Syndicate of Companies of Passanger Transportation
- SINDIREFINO Syndicate of Companies of Combustible Oils Re-refinement
- SINTESP Syndicate of Labor Security Technicians - SP

Entities of Standardization, Qualification and Certification
- ABNT Brazilian Association of Technical Norms
- AEA Brazilian Association of Automotive Engenieering
- CREA Local Council of Engineering and Architecture.
- INMETRO National Institute for Industrial Quality, Standardization and Metrology - Inmetro
- IPT Institute of Technological Research
- IQA Automotive Quality Institute
- SAE Brazil Society of Automotive Engineers

Academic Centers for Technological Research
- Centro Paula Souza University of Technology – Sorocaba
- CTGás - Gas Technology Center
- Politécnica USP School.
- University of Mechanical Engineering- São Carlos
- FEI University of Industrial Engineering
- Mauá Institute of Technology ITA
- Aeronautical Technology Institute
- Itec Institute of Technology – Rio de Janeiro Federal University
- Unicamp.
- Federal Technical School(*)
- FATEC Technology University (*)

Foreigner Organizations
- APRA Auto Parts Rebuilders Association (EUA - México - Alemanha).
- AERA American Engine Rebuilders Association (EUA).
- PERA Production Engine Remanufacturers Association.
- REMATEC International Trade Fair For Automotive Remaufacturing (Amsterdã).
- TRI The Remanufacturing Institute (EUA).

Benefits of the Brazilian Reman-Recon Program

Research data

1) The inclusion of million of Vehicles in preventive maintenance
- In Brazil, there are more than 24 millions of vehicles with more than four years of use.
- There are, approximately, ten millions of vehicles with more than ten yeas of use.
- More than 80% of the vehicles in use present any type of problem.
- Broken vehicles block the traffic due to mechanical defects
- Vehicles without maintenance pollute the atmosphere and cause accidents.

The importance of Reman-Recon Program to Recycle Brazil Movement: social conscience about preventive maintenance. Guarantee of qualified machinery sold up to 1/3 of the original machinery value.


2) Reduction of traffic accidents owing to periodic maintenence.
· Brazil is one of the world’s record breakers in traffic accidents. Approximately, a million of traffic accidents occur every year in the country.
· 80% of vehicles would fail if evaluated due to security reasons if there were vehicle inspections in Brazil. According to National Institute of Security, in 2004, out of 25000 evaluated vehicles with different years of use, 82% were with diregulated headlights, 34% presented problems in the brakes, 28% had worn suspension, 19% worn tyres and 14% loose wheel.

Importance of Reman-Recon Program to the Recycle Brazil Movement: Preventive maintenance is able to reduce 10% of the traffic accidents in the country. Vehicles with inadequate mechanical conditions can be verified and the auto components can be replaced by other manufactured and reconditioned ones. The driver will save money acquiring these components and will protect his vehicle against traffic accidents.

3) Major appeal for the best cost/benefit of remanufectured and reconditioned components.
-Owners of vehicles do not provide mechanical maintenance.
-High maintenance costs are considered inhibiting factors
-Brazilians consider maintenance as a cost and not as an investment.

Importance of Reman-Recon Program to the Recycle Brazil Movement: Remanufactured alternators and start engines with factory warranty are up to 50% cheaper than a new product. Another advantage is the system BT – Based on exchange. It reduces the acquisition costs and prevent the component from being abandoned in incorrect places, contaminating the environment and not being reused.

4)The reduction of counterfeit commerce and components with unknown origin .
· Components piracy reaches 10% in certain products.
· Stolen vehicles are source of auto component supplies
· The law is not strict with counterfeit components.

Importance of Reman-Recon Program to the Recycle Brazil Movement: information aimed to consumers, not only will demonstrate the advantages of acquiring reconditioned components, but also will demotivate consumers to undergo accidental purchase and with unknown origin and show population that counterfeit components do exist and everybody has to fight against this crime. The demands of the consumer take for granted that the laws will be revised in order to continuously improve the automotive segment of reconditioned components. The business awareness is also important to reinvigorate products efficiently and respect the quality and security norms.


5) Significant reductions in the pollution level, combustible consumption and environmental preservation
· Pollution in the city centres is a serious threat to health.
· Deregulated engines consume up to 30% more combustible.
· Deregulated or inadequate engines are responsible for high emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, sulphur oxide and particulate material. Polluent elements that are in the atmosphere can penetrate the organism defense, causing indisposition, eye irritation, bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer.
· A liter of used combustible oil is able to contaminate a million liter of water.
· Materials are wasted in rubbish dumps in the city centres

Importance of Reman-Recon Program to the Recycle Brazil Movement: creation of a destination for the used components that can be reused, preventing them from being heaped up in waste lands or in big rubbish dumps. Contribute to the natural resources preservation and reuse of the raw materials are actions that provide a better future to the planet. The automobiles, for instance, is rich in top quality raw materials such as: aluminium, steel, copper, plastic and rubber.

6) Auto Components are able to be recycled: a productive practice with competitive and strategic advantages.
· In Brazil, 4.6 billion reais a year is wasted due to not recycling materials

Importance of Reman-Recon Program to the Recycle Brazil Movement: as an example of viability of recycling in large scales was verified a process named Petrosix developed by Petrobras. It is about the reuse of used and unusable tyres to recapping. They are chopped and mixed to schistose rock, and, as result, for each ton of reprocessed tyre, around 530 kg of oil, 40 kg of gas, 300 kg of dark tobacco and 100kg of steel are obtained. The residues – schist and retorted tyre –can be reused as combustible for thermoelectric or raw materials for china factories, and the wire can be recycled in the Steel industries. The aluminium, for instance, when is recycled generate a saving of 95% in electric energy. If Brazil recycled all steel cans that it is consumed, it would be possible to avoid the removal of 900 thousand tons of iron ore a year from our soil. We would also save electric energy equivalent to the consumption of four million lamps of 60 watts.


7)Generate jobs
· Recycling starts with the action of the garbage collector.
· Selection, transportation and storage of recycable materials generate income to the families
· Auto Components remanufacturing and reconditioning require a lot of labor.

Importance of Reman-Recon Program to the Recycle Brazil Movement: The New Auto Components Industry employed, until the middle of 2004, from 176 to 180 thousand workers in Brazil. The remanufatured and reconditioned industry is thought to be able to employ 300 thousands of people in a short period of time. The process of this sector needs a lot of labor, because it is not viable the complete automation of its production lines. There is a multiplying effect on hiring employees, taking into consideration the impulse of the auto repair segment: middlemen, auto component stores and garages. The professionals can be trained in short period of time.



First International Fair of Auto Reconditioned Products and Equipament to Auto Components Reconditioning.

Days: July, 6, 7, 8 and 9, 2005 Venue: Pavilhão Amarelo do Expo Center Norte/São Paulo.



The fair will take place alongside The Mega Seminar “Recycle Brazil Movement” , intensifying the actions proposed by Brazilian Reman-Recon Program in order to achive the movement aims.

Objectives of the fair
-Update professionals: Join the news from Brazil and worldwide with updated information necessary to the technological interchange of technics among them, developing their skills in the execution of repair not only in sophisticated technological components but also in less complex acessories.
· Strengthen and expand potential markets.
· Establish new contacts with foreigner and national visitors who visit the Paulista Capital on business tourism.
· Show the current stage of quality of remanufactured and reconditioned products and indicate the difference between the technically ethic products and the disqualified ones.
· Clarify and divulge the advantages of reconditioned components consumption to the middlemen, store owners, aplicator mechanics and end users.
· Favour the technological importation and exportation of products.

· Insurance companies
· Converters of vehicles to Natural Gas
· Fleet owners to cargo transportation.
· Fleet owners to passenger transportation.
· Distributors of auto components
· Garages of reconditioning of agricultural machines and operation of moving · Garages specialized in electrical and electronic area. · Garages specialized in repairing engines
· Garages specialized in gear
· Garages specialized in suspension.
· Garages specialized in brakes
· Garages specialized in diesel engines, trucks and cars.
· Retíficas de Motores.
· Governamental entities
· Engineers
· Technicians
· Academics
· Others

SPECIAL GUESTS: Chambers of foreign trade and importers of countries considered strategic, taking into consideration the expansion of commercial relations.

· 30’’ commercial, Globo Channel;
· spots in radio stations FM;
· billboard;
· advertisements in guided newspapers and magazines
· press office

· 20.000 people

· Reconditioning companies of internal combustion engines.
· Convertering companies of engines for alternnative combustible use
· Rebuilding companies of mechanical parts and components for engines
· Rebuilding companies of gears, transmissions and suspensions.
· Rebuilding companies of suspension and wheel components.
· Rebuilding companies of brake components.
· Rebuilding companies of electrical parts.
· Manufacturing companies of dyed for repainting.
· Manufacturing companies of raw material for tinsmith’s and painting
· Rebuilding companies of plastic parts for vehicles.
· Rebuilding companies of tyres
· Rebuilding companies of agricultural
machinery and operation of removing land.
· Colecting and recycling companies of combustible oil.
· Recycling companies of raw materials: aluminium, iron, steel and copper.
· Manufacturing companies of equipament for rebuilding the chassis.
· Manufacturing companies of equipment for painting.
· Manufacturing companies of machinery and equipment for recond. engines.
· Manufacturing companies of equipment for rebuilding dump truck body.
· Manufacturing companies of machinery for rebulding tyres

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